#1 Why an "Unfrozen Cave?" by EdJames 28.10.2019 13:06


Our Unfrozen Cave is based on the melding of two memes. One comes from ancient history, in the form of Plato’s Cave Allegory. The other is derived from more recent popular culture, SNL’s “Unfrozen Caveman” skits.

We truly believe that each of us has been an unwilling, or willing in some cases, captive within numerous Caves during the course of our lives. Some of these Caves have been constructed and managed by others (e.g., society as a whole), and some of these Caves are of our own creation.

The plot line behind SNL’s “Unfrozen Caveman” sketches involved a caveman, “Cirocc,” that tumbled into a ditch eons ago and became frozen solid in a glacier. After being “unfrozen” by 20th century scientists, Cirocc finds himself thrust into a post-modern America of which he has little understanding. As he travels through this often confusing life pursuing his successful career as a lawyer, his simple, basic nature of understanding (and often misunderstanding) the world around him leads not only to humorous exchanges with his fellow citizens, but also the unearthing of kernels of basic, undeniable Truth.

Many of us find ourselves to be a unique combination of Cirocc and Plato’s Cave dwellers at many times in our lives. The underlying theme of this analogy that is the basis of the Unfrozen Cave, is that we owe it to ourselves to willfully emerge from our various Caves, and embrace Truth with a freshness and simplicity that only unfrozen cavewomen and cavemen can bring forth!

So we invite you IN to our Unfrozen Cave, so that you can find your way OUT to the sunlight, to discover and embrace Truth as you “unfreeze” yourself in many aspects of life!!

#2 RE: Why an "Unfrozen Cave?" by Sanguine 21.02.2023 22:29


Welcome, @Sheris!

Check back tomorrow for that SCCC thread.

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